The MacBook Pro 2019 complain of problems with graphics

Modern MacBook Pro at all desire can not be called reliable laptops. Online you can find a huge number of complaints about failing keyboard, drives and even screens (Flex Gate). All of these problems recognizes and Apple itself – on the model of MacBook Pro 2016-2017 covered just three (!) the extended repair program. And it would seem that the release of the MacBook Pro 2019 certainly had to put an end to all problems. But there it was.

The most problematic Apple laptop

Problem with MacBook Pro 2019

Not so long ago on the portal Reddit has a branch with a discussion on MacBook Pro 2019. During the discussions, it was discovered that part of the laptop is exposed to very unpleasant defect — the screen flicker. The situation is compounded by the fact that all of this is accompanied by graphical artifacts and issues when working with graphics.

On 18 August I bought a brand new MacBook Pro 13, 2019 in the Apple Store. The first few days everything was fine (if not to take into account that the laptop is much warming up).

By the end of the week, I found that the screen of my MacBook Pro from time to time flickers. Fortunately, this defect is observed that is impermanent and only a few minutes after switching on.

I didn’t put any beta versions or anything like that. Now I have installed the latest available version of macOS 10.14.6. I can’t believe that such problems can occur on a laptop worth over $ 2,000. Mentally, I’m ready to return my MacBook Pro to the store.

The problem was confirmed by the owners of the other models 2019.

I have a MacBook Pro 15 with discrete graphics card. It’s been almost three months since its purchase, and the other day I had a similar problem with flickering of the matrix. It is noteworthy that during the movement of the cursor or any action this problem does not occur.

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Some owners believe that this problem is related to incorrect functioning of the graphics, but not with the defect of the matrix. However, this does not change the fact that the problem occurs as the MacBook Pro with integrated accelerators and discrete graphics cards. And have you had this failure? Offer to discuss in our Telegram chat.

How to solve this problem

A complete reinstallation of macOS, alas, does not produce results, exactly the same as resetting the SMC and NVRAM/PVRAM. While internal diagnostics (carried out by the team D) did not reveal any problems.

What has caused this problem, to tell while difficult. Technical support Apple didn’t offer owners a simple solution to the problem, and the only option in this case is to contact Apple Store or Authorized service center.

Yes, service and warranty there are no problems — but who wants to buy such an expensive laptop with a factory defect, and then another, and hand it in repair. In this respect there are very big questions for Apple, particularly the Department responsible for quality control.

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