The Mac will switch to ARM processors in 2020

As you know, in the future Apple will refuse to use x86 processors in computers of its own production. But it is noteworthy that the transition to the ARM architecture will not keep you waiting, Apple intends to switch to the new chips in the next year. About it reports the edition Axios with reference to the representative of Intel.

It is expected that the transition to the ARM architecture will be phased: the first computers that will receive the brand Apple will be mobile solutions — MacBook and MacBook Pro. In the future, the chips of own production will go the iMac, and later, in the presence of competitive and high performance solutions, they will also be equipped with Mac Pro and iMac Pro.

Without a doubt, the transition will not be easy — that’s why Apple is working on a parallel project “Marzipan”. Under this initiative, the company is preparing a tool to adapt iOS apps under macOS. This approach will significantly increase the number of available programs and games on a desktop Apple platform, and also to simplify development of new applications.

It is unknown how it will be implemented compatibility with legacy programs. It is not excluded that Apple will use a special emulator, as it was in the transition from processors on Intel PowerPС.

Intel is a longtime partner of Apple. If the company does refuse to use x86, this will seriously impact on the world-famous manufacturer of processors. Exclusive contract with Apple to supply chips provides Intel to 5% of total annual income.

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