The lunar lander can be turned with a howl the house, which was done

In the modern world small houses are becoming more interesting. Previously, we talked about high-tech mobile homes for celebrities from Silicon valley. The option, which we will discuss today, much cheaper, but no less interesting. One person from Central Washington created for himself the house which is indistinguishable from the lunar lander.

Kurt Hughes for three decades engaged in designing boats. When he decided to design a house, receive a copy of the lunar landing module of the mission Apollo 11. It has an area of almost 25 square meters, which is certainly not a lot. But the house will be used as a cabin for the weekend.

The idea came to Kurt Hughes 10 years ago when his daughter went to the Museum of flight in Seattle. Today in his hexagonal house has a bedroom, which comfortably fit two people. It is located on the lower floor.

The upper floor has a kitchen and all the rest of the space. The window near the dining table overlooking the river. From the kitchen there is access to the tiny shower room with toilet. GW this case, the main thing is that the shower is.

In order to protect the structure from the effects of time and environment, Hughes covered it with epoxy paint. As a result, reliable and comfortable enough home, but stay there only for a few days. Longer experience the feeling of being in a tin is not desirable.

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