The low profit margin of Apple phones iPhone from 74% to 60% over the years

Uncover a diagram, published by The Information research, which was conducted based on the data that have been calculated by the group TechInsights, how about the pricing of Apple phones iPhone over the years, where the report indicated the low profit margin of Apple phones iPhone from 74% to 60% over the years.

According to the published site phonearena India, although Phone iPhone X from Apple was the first phone to come at the price of $ 1000, except that the profit margins of the iPhone was actually decreasing after reaching its peak with the iPhone 3GS in 2009, but with the addition of the Apple company to further the technology and high quality components to the model of iPhone that led eventually to the low profit margin of the company.

The models were iPhone, individual profit margins are low-end units, such as the iPhone and SE which has been off support for now, where it was available at a price of $ 399 when it is launched in March 2016, the company Canakord Genuity investment banking and that, although the phones iPhone is responsible for less than 20% of the shipping industry, the companies Apple acquires 87% of the industry profits.



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