The list of the richest people filled representatives of the cryptocurrency industry

According to the list of the richest people according to Forbes, China is not suffering from a shortage of billionaires: 37 state exceeds $ 5 billion. It is important to note that in such ratings, there are more names associated with Scripturally. It turns out, despite the sagging market of cryptocurrency, many are still good on it earn.

The list of cryptological headed by representatives of Bitmain and Binance

According to the Forbes list of the richest people of China headed by Alibaba founder Jack MA, with a personal fortune at 34.6 billion dollars.

The first three of the main rich men of China. Source: Forbes

However alternative statistics from Hurun, the list appears more and more representatives of Scripturally. Today’s report includes 12 leaders from kryptonyte. Among them are the founder of Bitmain Mikri Zhang. The 40-year-old Creator of the Chinese mining giant reaches $ 4.2 billion.

At least until the wealth of Jack MA is still far away, still we can conclude that criptural can also be very profitable. Especially when you consider the fact that the industry is gaining momentum, and the first billionaires appeared for several years.

Second on the list among cryptomelane is the mysterious boss Binance Chanpen Zhao. According to the report, his personal capital is 2.6 billion dollars — not bad for a CEO, which is 2.5 years ago did not exist. It should be noted, since the publication of the last rating Zhao overcame 35 positions and continues to prosper, because Binance is a kind of Google of cryptomeria.

Source: 2Биткоина

By the way, under the auspices of Bitmain in the list is another Cryptologic. We are talking about the co-founder of the Jihan Wu. In a relatively short time in the position of CEO of mining giant Woo managed to earn about 2.5 billion dollars.

Fourth and fifth places are occupied by the founder OKEx Old Xu and Leon If they Huobi. Their fortune is estimated at 1.41 and 1.05 billion, respectively.

Due to what kind of success?

Source: Unsplash

Many of these newly minted billionaires have realized that the key to success in this industry is global expansion. While authoritarian regimes like the one-party government in China tend to deal with cryptocurrencies, they have no opportunity to suppress the growing appetites of the population.

All the above-mentioned three stock exchanges were established in China, but then expanded and spread to countries with more friendly conditions — Malta, Singapore and Hong Kong. Totalitarian governments seem to not quite understand that any prohibitions only encourage interest in the forbidden fruit. At least, it can be clearly seen on the example of China.

By the way, we already wrote in our telegram canalthat now the people of China can use a payment system on WeChat and Alipay to buy cryptocurrency on Binance for Fiat money. Later, however, the representatives of the Alipay denied this information and now keep such transactions under control. Here is the post of the telegram.

It should be noted, if it really was that simple, then this innovation would open access kryptomere for two billion users, Alipay and WeChat Pay potential traders and investors. While it seems that the idea failed.

And while it is obvious that the niche cryptocurrency really allows you to earn big money. The main thing — to scale and expand to other countries.

How many billions in the crypt has already raised you? Please share your answers in our cryptodata of hontarov.

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