The list of the most important alternatives to Office and how you use

Office programs

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Many of the uses the software package of Office that we can not do without, Microsoft is working on a save state every now and then all the components of this package, the company is trying to through it to meet the needs of users and providing all-new.

But may the user finds some problems with software package for Office and its updates are sequential, rather going on with some of the problems related to the size of a package of Office Programs Office volume updates and some of them have some difficulty in dealing with the office software Your was photo, but in various situations there are a lot of alternatives to these programs vary in their degree or being a good alternative depending on the benefits they provide.

In this article you will keep you a range of alternatives Office you can use it in an easier way and less space.

The most important alternatives of Office and how to use them

  • Use Google Drive

If you are looking for an alternative to the programmes office, you can use Google Drive because it offers more of what the user needs to tools to write and download file in the required format and modify the file and even share it with a contact again, Google Drive has become a common use among quite a lot of users both in the notation on the file or share a file with another party, it is storage service you save everything you want easily and forever until I remove the files from the device by yourself.


  • LibreOffice

Is a software package of office-like Programs Office but will be a little lighter in terms of size, therefore, is one of the best alternatives to Office, it was the first issue of the pack for LibreOffice in 2001 and after that received the program to impress a lot of users facing the evolution of the police car which is bigger and wider.

What are the advantages of LibreOffice

  • Enjoy this package of office that do not require high potential for the device to work.
  • The package is easy and does not cause a slow device at all.
  • The program interface is extremely easy and their array of important tools to help the user wants.

Software Apache Office

The Apache OPEC convertxtodvd is one of the programs that are user-friendly and do not speak at all in the way they work, as it is the best alternatives for the Programs Office , offers a wide range of tools as found in the pantry in addition to speed in dealing with software miss Programs Office and Apache Office does not require the payment of nominal amounts compared to downloading, also the size of the program small and does not require a large area of the hard disk on the computer.


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