The list of classic games that come with PlayStation 1 New

After the hair which received its classic version of computer games Nintendo NES when re-launched in the past years, skip Sony to launch PlayStation 1.

Coming in the new version of the PlayStation 1 in a quarter of the size of the original version will be available for sale beginning December 3 next at a price of$ 100 in the United States to come to the device unit controllers in the box.

Sony has officially unveiled today the list of games that will come pre-installed on PlayStation 1 new to be highlighted: Metal Gear Final Fantasy 7, and in detail this is the list:

– Battle Arena Toshinden

– Cool Boarders 2

– Destruction Derby

– Final Fantasy VII

– Grand Theft Auto

– Intelligent Qube

– Jumping Flash!

– Metal Gear Solid

– Mr. Driller

– Oddworld: Abe’s Abe’s Oddysee

– Rayman

– Resident Evil Director’s Cut

– Revelations: Persona

– R4 Ridge Racer Type 4

– Super Puzzle FIghter Turbo

– Syphon Filter

– Tekken 3

– Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

– Twister Metal

– Wild Arms

Of course the menu is excellent and about the era of the PlayStation classic good, albeit lacking games such as balls Bandit due to improve their quality became inadequate, so the game Silent Hill which was said that Konami lost the source code.

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