The life of whales: who did 856 of thousands of bitcoins last week?

Last week there were reports about the mysterious whale, which is distributed 856 000 107 BTC in the wallets, that is, for each address it was sent to 8,000 BTC. The total amount of cryptocurrency based on today’s exchange rate amounted to 2.91 billion dollars. The number of displaced coins is 4.9 percent of the total number of bitcoins in circulation.

To date, cryptocommunist have already appeared several theories and rumors about the mysterious richer. Someone noticed that the addresses may belong to the portal because the service BitInfoCharts linked information some addresses with this site. However, the address for donations received a total of 2,21485713 BTC for all time of existence.

What does Coinbase?

In fact, the movement of a huge amount of coins is the largest American crypto currency exchange Coinbase. 29 Nov in the official company blog has information about planned therabath that “can cause movements of all crypto-currencies supported by Coinbase”.

Time “suspect” transactions add up, too — representatives of the exchange had warned that they would move from 1 to 6 December. In other words, no “mysterious whale” no, it’s just another internal matters one of the exchanges.

Besides, now carry out such an operation is most advantageous. Due to the strong fall of Bitcoin transaction fees dropped to almost zero, so that the stock exchange practically has not suffered any losses.

Image source — Ethereum World News

Earlier, major moves in Ethereum. At the end of October with cold wallet Binance lost 988 888 ETH. As it turned out later, the cryptocurrency was distributed among different addresses of the exchange to increase the level of security of the assets of its clients. Historically, the largest transaction in the crypt is almost always conducted exchanges, so investors have nothing to worry about.


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