The LG smartphone will be steeper. But when?

In the next few years, LG has all chances to become one of the most popular manufacturers of smartphones, Engadget reports citing sources close to the manufacturer plans. To become a leader of the market almost forgotten vendor whose smartphones have not cause admiration, will help effective strategy for a new leader who left the TV business LG to develop mobile.

Brian Kwon, the former head of the TV division of LG, will begin his duties on the removal of the mobile business of the company out of stagnation in the next month, knows Engadget. However, waiting for lightning, its performance is not worth it. According to industry analysts, a top Manager would take several months to several years to its strategy to revive smartphones manufactured by LG has started to work.

LG new leader in the smartphone market?

LG expects that Kwon will help bring the company’s mobile business out of stagnation, based on his previous experience. In the years that the top Manager, held in the LG, he made a successful and popular not only TVs but also computers and audio equipment, released under the brand LG. Therefore, I believe investors, Kwon is the type of person who is able to fix the status quo, leading brand in smartphone industry leaders.

Despite the credibility of LG which with regard to smartphones, is more inertial than justified in practice, the brand is not even in the top five most popular manufacturers of mobile electronics. According to this indicator, LG lags behind not only Apple and Samsung, who for many years, hold bongreater market share, but also relative newcomers in the industry like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, successfully established in a new niche.

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