The legal dispute with Qualcomm pays Apple to postpone the decision to adopt modem and 5G in iPhone

iPhone XS Max

Less what can be said about the relationship is currently Apple with Qualcomm is that they are turbulent. As all of you probably know, each of the two companies fought in many courts around the world and it became clear that this knowledge is responsible for the adoption of the Apple TV Slow Motion technology 5G, some sources claim that the first iPhone is compatible with the 5G won’t arrive until the year 2020.

Revealed a certificate from the head of operations at Apple, Mr. Jeff Williams in front of the FTC. that Qualcomm refused to supply Apple with the for phones iPhone since the legal dispute between the two companies. Revealed Mr. Jeff Williams as well that Qualcomm charges a lot compared to the king of their intellectual property, specifically charged Qualcomm $ 7.50 for each iPhone manufactured. And that’s really what triggered the wrath of Apple, they want to pay $ 1.50 for each phone. Note that this is what you pay Apple for the patents owned by Qualcomm, the system itself will cost 30 USD.

Anyway, we heard recently that as a result, I started Apple think about the import of modem and 5G from MediaTek or Samsung for phones iPhone future. However, it does not indicate certificates whether settled Apple on suppliers to provide them with the information 5G. What is clear is that Apple would prefer to use chips season of the two companies at least.

Starting from the sixth generation of the iPhone, starting Apple’s move to use chip modem manufactured by Intel. However, it turns out for Apple that the chips of the Intel’s are slower than the chip modem, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, although Apple had to deliberately curb the speed of the modem of Qualcomm in smart phones to provide the same performance provided by a modem of Intel.

Now check the Federal Trade Commission with Qualcomm to see if they violate the Laws Against Monopoly, which is what was bothering him Intel since the year 2017. In the past year, the imposition of EU fine worth one million euros on Qualcomm because of the push by Apple to use the information only its own, avoiding modem Intel.


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