The leak reveals the design of the iPad mini 5

Twice now three full years since the launch of the iPad Mini 4, without any signs of the presence of his successor, where since 2015 is not making any updates to it, on the contrary of his brothers who enjoyed updates per year.

But it seems that this will change, when rumors surfaced recently reported the possibility of the launch of the iPad mini 5 in advance of 2019, where several images setting back of the device new, and the leaked images to retaining significantly the design of the iPad Mini 4 in addition to the presence of the entrance to the headphone 3.5 mm, also available to fit on the stereo speakers and rear camera improved.

Of course it’s difficult to infer the precise details of these images, but what is certain is the existence of the entrance of the headset in the upper left corner of the device, in addition to opening the other can be private to the smartphone where the keyboard.

But, according to one of the researchers, the protective shade, this can be based on a prototype of the iPad mini 5 back to 2016, i.e. more precisely, based on an old design it certainly has been developed since then.

However if it is proved that designer air the new, it is to be designed outside quite similar to the current version, despite getting it on the edges of the minute to form of trying to versions older.

In conclusion, he stressed the local Apple reliable Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPad mini 5 will be released in early 2019, which is in line with the current rumors, and also that has a screen less expensive, such as iPhone XR.

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