The leak reveals the design and specifications of the PlayStation 5

Thanks to a leak shared with us channel ZONEofTECH, made us the first look informal for your PlayStation 5 (PlayStation 5) which is not owned by only a select few of games developers around the world.

Confirmed registration of the design alleged that he had published his site LetsGoDigital based on a patent registered in the name of Sony before more than two months, where it seems design and style identical actually.

One photo with additional information about ports and buttons; as we see there are 6 USB ports, buttons operating/standby, restart, output, and system and the internet. Knowing, that the PlayStation 5, which will be available in stores may not have the same arrangement.

It seems that the design of the PS5 focuses on the vents, the reason for this is clear, as confirmed by Sony in an official capacity from the adoption of strong components, most notably the processor AMD Zen 2 core 7 nm eight cores, processor graphic AMD Radeon Navi with equipment accelerator to provide the technique of “tracing Rays” in real-time.

It includes a PS5 speakers with surround sound, 3D, and disc storage, superfast SSD which undoubtedly will see a lot of playing experience, as well as drive optical quality of the 4K Blu-ray supports up to a capacity of 100 GB, to provide the control unit with a bigger battery and support USB connection-C, andfeature interaction “vibratory” more sophisticated.

Though, he confirmed that they have developed a new technique to save the energy consumed in the operation of PS5, so that it will become less energy-consuming than the PS4. And contributes to the energy-saving user interface that has been entirely renovated.

Finally, we emphasize that all the above information confirmed officially by Sony several design alleged relative to one of the developers who received the device early. Probably won’t make absolutely sure that only when the official announcement scheduled in late 2020.

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