The leading robots who should be watching their advertising during the 2019

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The challenges are accelerated in the field of robotics surprising, after that it was the role of robots is limited to some industries, such as auto installation, The these robots with the development of artificial intelligence capable of performing enormous tasks, the optimists believe it will make life easier and less complicated, as well as increasing productivity in many industries, in view of pessimists it will spoil the life of people and makes them lazier and acquires a lot of tasks from humans, which will reflect the negative economic and social for many.

Whether you’re optimists or pessimists, the companies in high-tech still up day and night to provide the best innovations in this area, here are we with some of the leading companies in the field of robotics that we should expect the New through 2019:



Reported by Bloomberg News in April 2018 that “Amazon is” Amazon Lab126, which is the Department of research and development equipment belonging to the giant e-commerce and cloud computing America, will be included in the field of robotics under the new project the name “Vesta” Vesta. Bloomberg reported that Android will include the ability to computer vision with the assistant to the Amazon smartphone, “Alexa” Alexa, allowing him to be home useful. The objective is to provide these robots to its staff in late 2018 and to consumers early 2019.

Moreover, going to be the Amazon on the Android platform and AWS cloud RoboMaker that enable developers to build robots, and smart functions and the representation and testing of the robots in many situations.

“Boston Dynamics” Boston Dynamics


Made video clips that reveal the achievements of the company “Boston Dynamics” Boston Dynmaics, which was affiliated with in the past to buy Google, in the field of robotics has expanded dramatically on the internet. In the midst of his talk at the summit of the conference on robots and Robotics Summit and Expo, announced the company’s founder, Mark Reaper, about plans for a series robots “Spot Mini” SpotMini which comes in the form of a pet house in the year 2019. The introduction of a robot “Spot Mini” in the market, it will be the first Android which will be the company “Boston Dynamics” by marketing it in its history of over 27 years.


“Nvidia” NVIDIA


The company announced the “Nvidia” NVIDIA late 2018 last “jutsu AJ X Zeevi the module” Jetson AGX Xavier Module, a unit smart chips company hopes American to become a thinking brain for robots.

Said Nvidia if this unit will make robots able to absorb her surroundings year due to the six units to address performance, the unit of GPUs developed Tensor Core GPU, the unit processors Carmel ARM64 eight-core, and accelerator Nvidia’s deep learning, and special products for health, vision and video.

“The” Alphabet


Re Google formed the Android market and when I pushed the car its self-driving in 2009 under the name “Waimea” Waymo, which later became an independent company apply to him under the umbrella of a big company “that” Alphabet, which includes, besides Google to woo users, other companies such as YouTube and nest Nest and others.

Now the company is working on the development of a self-driving car custom, which is worthy of the company “Boston Dynamics” and “forgot” to apply the best technologies in the field of robotics.

“Schengen Liujiang Technology” Shenzhen YueJiang Technology


The company “Liujiang technology” one of the best companies robotic arms in China. It was established by six engineers robots robots a veteran in the field of artificial intelligence and to the development of the robot of the office multi-functions. It is believed that this type of robot and multiple jobs will be the most popular and can be seen everywhere.

The company has developed an arm robot known as “Dubbo Maggie live” Dobot Magician with interchangeable heads and agreed to. It provides the possibility of its use in three-dimensional printing, laser engraving, writing, painting, picking up and placing objects.

“Red” Rokid


Located the headquarters of the Company “road“, which was founded in the year 2014, in California, United States Beijing, one of China two, comprising of elite engineers and specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics, who work on the development of new techniques in image processing, and recognition.

In collaboration with the Alibaba company, the company developed a “road” open source platform as the “red bean six open platform” Rokid Full Stack Open Platform, which allows for the development of gear from third-party companies and recognition to the voice assistant of your house.


The gate Arab News Technical leading robots which we should expect their advertising by 2019

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