The leading 5 states racing for supremacy in artificial intelligence

Experienced tools and artificial intelligence techniques to a lot of developments during the recent period, despite the fact that just a few years ago this technique was just an idea we see in science fiction movies, but it quickly turned to the fact began to be used in many areas, also suggest a lot of research and studies to it will be one of the main hubs of the Industrial Revolution IV.

Current projections indicate that artificial intelligence will have the greatest impact on the global economy, according to provide a report by the McKinsey Global Institute research McKinsey Global Institute will give artificial intelligence to the global economy of $ 13 trillion by 2030.

The fact is that the development of artificial intelligence is a term that covers neural networks andmachine learning techniques and deep learning as it will lead to a change of civilian and military lives radically in the coming decades, as the pace of development in this field will force the state to re-evaluate their policies and strategy to keep him.

Think Germany, Japan, Russia and South Korea are among the most important of the state that struggles to excel in this field, while the two largest are locked in a clash of serious development in this area are China and the United States.

During this race the constant state of development in this field, the state began big all over the world in developing their strategies in the field of artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of technology constitutes a year, and last year there were states seeking to continuous change, such as: Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

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This year the focus strategies for the development of artificial intelligence on different areas such as: scientific research, talent development, skills, education, and public and private technology, in addition to the standards and regulations, data and digital infrastructure.

The following are the leading 5 states racing for supremacy in artificial intelligence:

1 – United States of America:

In the United States burn research work in the field of artificial intelligence academia, the private sector, and there is no central policy to change it is to take care of some individual projects by the military departments and semi-military including Defense Advanced Research DARPA DARPA and IARPA.

As the government does not have a national strategy to increase investment in the artificial intelligence or tackling obstacles to development, while China surpassed the United States in this matter, so hurried US President Donald Trump recently signed directly to the artificial intelligence of America, which provides guidance federal agencies to invest more in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence, and data exchange and computer with external researchers, develop technical standards and clear, and promote the development of the workforce, and give priority to technology.

To achieve these objectives, a committee was formed to select a new to advise the government on research and development in the field of artificial intelligence as well as consideration of key partnerships in industry and academia.

The Ministry of defense is currently accelerating the good look of artificial intelligence where it has allocated $ 75 million from its annual spend to develop these techniques, and other government agencies have similarly large projects.

Has confirmed many of the specialists in artificial intelligence to the best talent in the United States exists in institutions such as: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and others. Regardless of whether the government or private companies are out of control in the development of this technique however, there are now a lot of funding to develop research products in the areas of artificial intelligence that indicates a desire to accelerate the development, the more you check the more relevant achievements of artificial intelligence in the market will lead to more investment in this area.

2 – China:

What distinguishes China from the rest of the state are the resources that hate her already accomplishments that have been achieved in the field of artificial intelligence, has this all started when China’s State Council issued the “plan for the development of artificial intelligence for the next generation”. The plan outlines China’s goal in the construction industry, the artificial intelligence of the local self-help in the next few years. Where the government will invest about $ 7 billion in artificial intelligence by 2030, investing $ 2 million to park research in Beijing.

Expect the Chinese government to the emergence of an industry centered around artificial intelligence $ 150 million by the year 2030 organized a comprehensive national strategy to shine as a world leader in this area, and the reports it is providing 48% of the corporate financing emerging Chinese working in artificial intelligence projects.

The strategy focuses initially on the research and development work, and then shed light on the manufacturing and development of talent, education, skills, regulations, security, artificial intelligence, and the approach of this strategy is quite obvious and lies to achieve in the Three steps are:

  • The entry of China in the strong competition in the industry of artificial intelligence by the year 2020.
  • China will become the world leader in some branches of artificial intelligence by the year 2025.
  • Become China’s innovation center of the main artificial intelligence in the world by 2030.

After the announcement of the plan for the next generation, the government presented a plan of action period of 3 years to raise the level of development of the industry of artificial intelligence, in addition to this, the Chinese government in partnership with companies of national technology to accelerate the research and development work.

3 – United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom announced a deal between private and public companies to provide more than $ 200 million to invest in artificial intelligence, and that the government is ready to invest $ 30 million to create an incubator for technology of artificial intelligence. Where a company decides to Global Brain of the company VC investment of $ 50 million and pledged Chrysalix pumping $ 100 million in projects that are centered around artificial intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that the government plans to actively participate in the provision of research funds and academic support to 1000 a PhD specializing in artificial intelligence also.

Unlike the United States, China and the United Kingdom claimed you can’t over-spending as do other countries, but will focus on a specific area to (let’s say the ethics of artificial intelligence to achieve competitive benefits). The government also focused on improving digital infrastructure and support the talent developed.

4 – India:

Follow the Indian government’s approach exceptional in the national strategy for the artificial intelligence which includes the contribution of the tools and techniques of artificial intelligence in raising economic and social standards of the nation, where new institution NITI Aayog comprehensive approach labeled #AIforAll which aims to promote the various aspects of growth.

India plans to invest in research and other sectors of the artificial intelligence which can be utilized in economic and social development of the state.

Provided the foundation of thought in India 30 policy advises to invest in research, encourage skills and training, and accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence to enhance work ethics, privacy and security.

And of course will be the application of artificial intelligence techniques in the development of various sectors in India including: health care, agriculture, education, smart cities, self-driving cars.

5 – Russia:

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin professionals to develop a national strategy for artificial intelligence by June 15, 2019. Where the Russian government is determined to take advantage of the strategies of artificial intelligence by the summer of 2019.

Also the president ordered to develop ways to stimulate investment in high-tech projects that rely on artificial intelligence. It will also support projects that work on the development of technologies such as Internet of Things, robotics, and data processing. In the same context also instructed the government to develop 15 Scientific Institute in Russia by January 2022.

Strategy of Russia’s national harmonization of resources government, military, academic and private sector to promote the development of artificial intelligence in the country, as is the case with the United States of America, Russia is also planning a research and development, support the standards of artificial intelligence, the creation of a workforce capable of creating change, Russia aims to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to create the economy technology digital includes government investment.

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