The launch of the social networking application Secret Youz users around the world

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تطبيق التواصل الاجتماعي السري Youz

Declared a Palestinian engineer A. Championship, a specialist in software engineering, information security, and CEO of cyber and telecommunications, today announced the official launch of the HTTP social Secret Youz made available to users for free all over the world.

This is a new step that the heart of the standards in the style of communication in the worlds of social media and its applications, especially in light of the uproar shame recently about privacy violations by many of the social media platform mainly Facebook.

The application of YouZ users can share images, publications and text from the non-mention of the names among their friends of the App users, which, in turn, the Friends of the user automatically via access to the list of existing contacts, the phones, or connect to other social such as Facebook and twitter, thus forming a network between friends, without knowing each and every one of them to the identity of the other.

Said heroic: “the application of YouZ as a social network to the list itself, and what distinguishes it from other apps is that you as a user don’t possess a profile, and communicate and between users only through a symbolic image are randomly selected have added all of the suspension”.

He added: “what is living social networking and generally being open to the public and more than necessary and about its users a lot of aspects of their lives, the application of Youz it offers a new concept of social networking so that you can participate and freely and in secret without revealing your identity”.

The application of YouZ the user access to posts anonymous in a region or a country, or in accordance with the standards of the sort the other including the most popular posts, which provides the possibility to identify the latest developments in the world via all the concerns of the area and themes hot and another update under “see”.

Features of social networking application Secret Youz

  • Share secrets and make your opinions without revealing your identity
  • Not knowing the identity of the writing secrets and publications from your friends or other users and all data is encrypted
  • With respect to the application on the user’s friends automatically via access to a list of addresses to contact their phone or contact through social networks
  • Access to publications near you, the new and famous in my country.
  • Access to more publications, Vogue and prevalent in the world
  • Can chat privately and confidentially with any person and you can make new friends
  • You can also find each state and get their concerns and another of its secrets in the story, the pace relating to the latest developments from around the world
  • Is the app as a social network separate, but what sets it apart from other apps is that you as a user don’t possess a profile, and response communication between the users just by the image of the token is chosen randomly when you all comment

It should be noted that the application of YouZ is now available for free in all over the world via my shop Google Play and App Store.

تطبيق التواصل الاجتماعي السري Youz

The launch of the social networking application Secret Youz users around the world

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