The launch of the server cart new game war stay Lineage 2:

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Announced Netmarble today announced the launch of the server, new game plans and strategy of the global war of survival Lineage 2: Arabic-for lovers of games of smart devices, and all in 24 countries across the Middle East and North Africa, where you will provide the interface to the Arabic language of the game on iOS andAndroid in addition to global markets which hosting global women in English since its launch in November 2017, and will enjoy a new players and fighters across the server the new Arabic features inspired by the culture of the organization designed them specially, including fashion traditional Arabic, the characters of “rocky the leader of the former”.

And with the addition of the Arabic language, targeting the Netmarble happened to the gold exclusive to players in the server Arab for the entire month, where they will invite players to form groups to achieve the highest amount of points on your order to reach 4,000,000 fighting force.

The team will liaise with the winner on the Golden statue will be placed in a new area called “read” in honor of the winning team, as will each team member on the stereo gold-plated 24 carat, during a private ceremony will be announced the details later, in addition, you will receive ten groups of top-rated on 30,000 coin Diamond red which can be used in the game.

You will have players who register in the server a new game packages welcome additions to more rewards for the logins weekly, monthly and average employment, and includes benefits package, a “starter pack” for new players, and rewards”the Statute” additional users of the platform Apple TV Google and the”reinforcements experience points in the server’s New” which will be awarded to new users who enter the server new, and rewards”civilization” allocated to new users to help them achieve faster growth, and rewards”raise the level” that will give the new players every 10 levels is accessed.

The game provides a number of updates to players new and existing, including “and”, city new in out of Eden, which will provide a variety of new features, including integrated players to prepare for battles, where they can visit the store to change the appearance of their characters, and store extra items, and share items between characters in one account, check the combat points in the training area, get “the spirit of the mercenary” like a drop of special to enhance the experience of the players during the game.

He was Parrish West, general manager of Netmarble in the Europe, Middle East and Africa, expressed his happiness for launching the reality of the Arab war game survive Lineage 2:, describing it to the control point in the gaming world of smart devices in the Middle East.

Said West: “we’re excited for the issuance of the Arabic version of the war of survival Lineage 2: in the Middle East and North Africa, especially after the great success of the game worldwide, I have seen games smart devices tremendous growth in the Middle East, which made her one of the most important markets to buy Netmarble fastest growing around the world, thus pushing us to provide this game in the Arabic language and add more features and packages specifically for gamers.”

And game role-playing online war survival Lineage 2: to game Lineage 2, and the latest version of the game War of to stay been inspired by the computer game original, where the you open the stunning Laurel mark on the new frequencies and re-design the characters to fit the devices smart.

Granted the game role-playing multiplayer online lovers the opportunity to the reincarnation of many of the characters in the midst of Open World Games and fearing the battles against other players at the same time, all within a fictional world to life with her drawings, graphics, dazzling supported by games unreel 4 engine.

Attracted war game to stay launched by the company globally less than six months ago about 32 million registered users between their 5 million monthly active users around the world, becoming one of the most successful games on smart devices at all, operate to the Arabic version of the game, allowing more players the chance to fight interesting adventures and enjoy the content and events of the Ad Hoc which will apply specifically to the Middle East.

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