The launch of the security solution Cloud is the first of its kind in the region

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Entered into company Z Services, with the right solutions in the field of cloud computing in the Middle East and North Africa, a cooperation agreement with McAfee, a competent cyber security Comprehensive from devices to the cloud, in order to provide a cloud solution is the first of its kind across the Middle East and North Africa. It is planned to have the service, cloud security, platform MVISION Cloud of McAfee in the region through infrastructure security local cloud multi-tenant provided by Z Services.

Expansion Z Services, by adding this solution, the range of products Cloud available to their customers and enhance the capacity of their equal in the data protection and threats. As the solution enables local customers to stay compliant with the regulations relating to storing data.

Said Nidal Taha, president of the company Z Services, the companies in the Middle East and North Africa working in an environment exposed to threats, security level, what makes it need a solution that ensures security over multiple applications to the cloud and protects data, and added: “Develop cloud security solutions, adopted by the company “Gartner” Research category of security solutions is the fastest growing at all during the past five years, in order to allow companies to see more clearly on their projects of technical trading out of work, and monitor the use of cloud applications, data leak prevention system in the cloud, as well as the construction of the protection of the impregnable in the face of different threats, so adding MVISION Cloud McAfee to what we know from the middle of the cloud shows our commitment to innovation and taking customer needs into account, And provide new levels of security probably didn’t have in mind the regional companies to now”.

For his part, said Nigel Hawthorn, director of strategy, cloud to the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa for McAfee, said that the new solution will allow businesses in the region benefit from the cloud in a way “never before”, and added: “I founded McAfee service MVISION Cloud Cloud to give companies the ability to protect valuable information superior protection from cyber attacks through activation policies and improving the visibility of data and monitoring the behavior of users across services, devices and the cloud in order to turn off security threats”.

The security solution cloud Z Services, supported by McAfee MVISION Cloud, a set of built-in apps that facilitate the recognition of the safe on any service applications in the cloud. Avoid this partnership to the Middle East and North Africa security solution effective based on the cloud and offers a wider variety of security capabilities specialized for a wider range of cloud services. It also includes the added advantage of being available through models Z Service unique in providing applications and solutions as a service evaluation and cross-company communications.

The gate Arab News Technical launch of the security solution Cloud is the first of its kind in the region

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