The launch of the phone Honer view 20 in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia global presence of technical

إطلاق هاتف هونر فيو 20 في المملكة العربية السعودية بحضور عالم التقنية

Announced honor the leading brand in the field of smart phones and a subsidiary of Huawei announced the launch of her new Honor View 20 consumers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the effective set up to highlight the most important advantages of the new phone was attended by a global team of technical.

The company revealed the 5 advantages say they are available for the first time in smart phones, where you expect the rear camera of the device accurately 48 mega pixel, as well as the three-dimensional camera that rely on measurements of the time of the investigation of the optical TOF, as well as front camera with 25 mega pixels with open regarded the younger for phones by the time they reach 4.5 mm, beside having a processor Kirin 980 which works with 7 nm resolution. The phone also features the design of “Aurora” Nano-and processing unit nervous BI technology supports three antennas Wi-Fi allows to connect to any of them and switch between them as soon as possible.

In this regard, stated Chris Sun Page, head of relationship ’honor‘ in the Middle East and Africa, said: “represents the phone ’Honor View 20 ‘ paradigm shift and real revolution in the smartphone technology. The phone extensive praise for excellence of Engineering, also scooped a large number of awards and positive assessments. And consumers in the Middle East region to leave answer phone involves the latest technology with the performance is the best in the sector. Perhaps life will be a notable development of the most important features that distinguish the Middle East Region, and through this phone, we offer a stunning design of art embodies the values inherent in the identity of ’Honor‘”.

Added sun page: “our partnership with the mark of fashion Italian luxury brand ’Moschino‘ as an additional witness to our unwavering commitment to providing the best products to our customers. We are confident that this is the new exclusive will be popular and widely by consumers.”

The company has revealed the phone globally in the effectiveness of established in Paris on January 22, about a week before now, she has achieved tremendous growth by 170% in foreign markets for the annual making a mark of Honor brand one of the most important brands in the world.

إطلاق هاتف هونر فيو 20 في المملكة العربية السعودية بحضور عالم التقنية

Owns the Honor View 20 screen measuring 6.4 inches of LCD type almost completely, where Don’t contain protrusion of the traditional technology of the new screens that will allow adding the camera within the screen to form a small circle.

It also has a processor Kirin 980 developed by Huawei itself and contains units addressing the nervous, next to the RAM memory of 8 GB and internal storage space of 128 GB. The phone also has a cooling system fluid to improve the performance of the processor. It also has a battery with a capacity of 4,000 Milli-amp / hours.

And brings the phone with him two cameras, one of which is strictly 48 mega pixel for the first time with the sensor and Sony’s new IMX586 next to the light sensor CMOS size of half an inch. Thanks to this sensor and processor Kirin 980 can the phone capture high-quality photos processed quickly thanks to the techniques of artificial intelligence. In the second camera enjoy with three-dimensional where you collect the relevant information forms of the target body based on measurements of the time of the inquiry scanning (TOF) to enable the depth sensor image and tracking the structural and motion capture in real time; which enables run games a virtual reality three-dimensional unprecedented. During the moment, the phone supports the game my Fancy Skiing وFancy Darts.

It is worth noting that the Honor View 20 comes in four colors; blue, sapphire, blue, drop earrings, red drop earrings, the design of Moschino. It will be available in the phone, I have Greer’s rest and other points of sale and at a price of 2,299 SR.

In the same context, the company launched on her phone the other Honor 8 X Max in Saudi Arabia as an updated version of Phone 8 X and larger size thanks to its screen which comes measuring 7.12 inches, also helps this size battery life with a 5,000 Milli-amp / hours, and have Jarir Bookstore exclusive price 1,099 Sar with a storage capacity of 128 GB.

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