The launch of the new weather app Apex Weather on store Google Play

إطلاق تطبيق الطقس الجديد Apex Weather على متجر قوقل بلاي

By default there is a weather gadget on every Android phone, and most users don’t interact with them, where they move directly to the experience of one of the third-party apps, and frankly there are many weather apps on the store Google Play, always and never the user is looking for the best, we play our part as we offer the best, so if you are looking for apply for check application Apex Weather and newly divorced on Android.

Where we can defined as full specifications in the field of it, comes the benefits of a strong and everything you need to know the status of the weather in your area or around the world, and characteristic of its basic checker temperature and weather condition at the current time, where know you this application case also the basis of your current location and the clock, also you can add more cities in the list, so that you can check global weather at any time you want.

As a feature of the “hourly forecast”, and you can check weather condition before going out of the house with a view to prepare for the changes and the unexpected, and you can also check the temperature and likelihood of precipitation.

Besides, with the application of Apex Weather checking the forecast for today, tomorrow and even for the 7 days to come, as well as the advantage of the tide notices immediately in the case of bad weather, as well as a feature to the widget that is placed on the main screen includes both the degree of heat of the minute, forecast the time of sunrise and sunset, the degree of humidity and air pressure and above the best and more.

Most importantly, there is a radar feature which, with it can use Maps satellite to check the status and movement of the weather and clouds in real time, and a lot of other very useful benefits, and finally apply the Apex Weather is available for free download on the store Google Play, we recommend that you try it in case you wanted to download one of the weather apps, supports Android 4.1 the latest.

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