The launch of the Galaxy S9 women gold plated

If you want to buy a galaxy S9 new, it will cost in the range of $ 670, and the S9+, it will cost 790 dollars, and the gold version of the Samsung flagship they are rather extravagant.

The company revealed a Truly Exquisite version classy of the Galaxy S9 and S9+: 24-karat gold plated, or 18K rose gold, or platinum, of which copy simple additions, such as the coating around the camera and buttons only or with the behind the protected skin of a crocodile, or you can get the women painted entirely with a drawing of the Lion or the tiger or the dragon.

Anyway, whether the phone was plated whole or in part, or behind the protected skin of crocodile, this won’t interfere with wireless charging technology.

For prices, start from 2,300 Euros and 3,800 euros (10,100-16,700 yr), depending on storage capacity (64 or 128 gigabytes of address space) and paint.

Finally, you can request a special design will require waiting 21 days, and you can also request a version of your own up to 99 version of the phone.

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