The launch of the first Chinese missiles created by a private company, failed

Following the Western aerospace companies like Blue Origin SpaseX and their Eastern colleagues decided to explore the sector the launch of rockets by private, not public corporations. The pioneer in this case would be China, which last weekend was planning to launch its own satellite. But, unfortunately, the launch failed and caused a strong negative impact on the emerging sector.

For the construction of the rocket answered the Chinese Landspace startup, founded in 2015. In addition, Landspace was the first company, not owned by the government, which received the right to launch missiles from China.

The launch was performed from Baikonur Jiuquan in the Gobi desert. And the missile itself had the name “Josue-1”. It has a diameter of 1.3 meters and height 19 meters. The mass of the rocket is 27 tons, and the pull of 45 tons. According to available information, “Josue-1” can lead to the orbit up to 300 kilograms of payload. In this case, the rocket was supposed to deliver to orbit the Earth, the satellite, built for the expansion of the broadcasting state media China Central television.

According to available information, the accident happened due to a problem with the third stage booster.

“The separation of the first and second stage was successful, but something unexpected happened after the second stage. The spacecraft failed to reach orbit as a result of problems with the third stage.” — said representatives of the Landspace in your account on the social network Weibo

The time of the fall, captured on photo

At the moment, the company Landspace is investigating the incident to identify the exact cause of the accident in order to avoid such mistakes in the future. In addition, a failed rocket launch can significantly spoil the plan for the development of Chinese industry of private space companies that need to participate in large-scale project to launch in 2022 manned space station.

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