The launch of the Bluetooth 5.1 that allows to know the location of the device associated with precision

إطلاق تقنية بلوتوث 5.1 التي تسمح بمعرفة مكان الجهاز المقترن بدقة متناهية

Revealed the world body responsible for Bluetooth technology on a new update for issue 5.1, this update will make the technique more accurate than the former and is massive, where it will select the connected device with an accuracy of up to 1 cm from the place instead of identifying the general location of the device within a specific department.

After becoming Bluetooth extensive use of the advantages of a connection and transfer data besides its capacity to GPs, will become with the new update of pinpoint accuracy in determining the site and more efficient than ever before; for example, if the headset connected to the phone and select out the sky from sight inside the house was the technique allow the identification of the perimeter of the sky to begin the user search around the ocean, but now will enable the technical issue 5.1 identify the location of the sky fully through its ability to determine the site to a distance of 1 cm.

It can be argued that this development in technology will not help in the process of contact data transfer, but will help in the development of smart homes and the Internet of things significantly in the coming period.

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