The launch of the app MyScript Calculator 2 is available for free for a limited time

إطلاق تطبيق MyScript Calculator 2 وهو متاح مجّانًا ولفترة محدودة

In case you wanted to download one of the apps calculator External on your smart phone, it is quite expected to encounter the application of the MyScript Calculator, which is a free application fully, and for the lines has carried more than 10 million users of Google Play only, with the assessment of very high, and now the team work of the app was announced the second version MyScript Calculator 2 which comes with capabilities unique and highly intelligent.

And foremost, the app has been launched at a price of$ 2.99, and is currently available to download for free and full for 4 days, therefore will the App be a big deal you have, not for its price, but its tools as we will see in the next lines.

Where the application supports handwriting, and in this regard the developers of the app, it will recognize the handwriting of most worse, with its support for drag-and-drop the numbers, and even write fractions, as well as the ease of writing fractions by hand instead of typing across the keys, and most importantly application support the role of the trigonometric functions developed in case you you share accounts with another application, it improves the display includes only the part of the stomach.

It is characteristic of his other supporting the conservation equations or calculations to see them later, when you want, and even there refer the record date of the accounts for export for the province, with advantage follow the same calculation on the next line or cap multiple accounts on multiple lines and other lots of advantages that await you.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier, the application MyScript Calculator 2 has been launched at a price of$ 2.99, and is currently available to download for free and full for 4 days only, so if you are interested in helping community to download the app, that supports Android 5.0 the latest, while on iOS the app is priced at its true and you can download it if you want from here.

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