The launch of chrome version 64 on shop Google Play

إطلاق نسخة كروم 64 على متجر قوقل بلاي

إطلاق نسخة كروم 64 على متجر قوقل بلاي

Been more than a month on the latest stable version of the browser Chrome in the Android operating system, and of course the latest version has improved some of the current, but Google has done in the latest version of chrome 64 “Chrome 64” on the shop Google Play To add more improvements for mobile browsers.

I have uploaded this new version features better than any of the previous versions, where support to prevent sites heavy on ads from open windows or new tabs without the user’s permission, as it includes browser updated a new setting allows users to mute the entire Web, where you can access it from the Settings menu and then site settings, but sites have to make it for each Web site that you want to ignore.

For users less used to the Chrome browser, has added Google Guide to have easy to understand format fact, because many of the features of the browser may have been moved, finally keep in mind that the new version that’s being put on the stages, so may its weeks to reach you.


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