The latest version of the Google Gboard brings with it a keyboard option floating

Google Gboard

The sizes of the screens of our smart phones is increasing, this means that it has become difficult to use with one hand unless I bless you with God with hands big or fingers too long. However, if using the phone one-handed is something you really want, but you do not have supported large, you may need to think about using Google Gboard.

According to Android Police, it seems that the company Google has recently updated Google Gborad to provide an option that allows the keyboard to be floating. Essentially what the keyboard is that it allows users to put it anywhere on the screen as shown in the pictures below. This means that you can put the keyboard in place on the screen where you can access them better.


It’s hard to say that this new feature entirely, the keyboard in the iOS system also has a feature similar allows users to move the keyboard to the right or left of the screen to use it better with one hand, but in the case of Google Gboad, the keyboard is more fluid and dynamic so you can put them anywhere you like on the screen.

Having said that, it was explained the site Android Police that this feature has yet to arrive for all users of Google Gboard. It is reported that this feature appears to have a small number of users, so there’s a chance to be a Google company still choose this feature or work on the launch stages, but in both cases keep an eye out if you think that this feature will do you.



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