The latest leaks about a plane DJI drone ahead

The subject of the latest leaks about a plane DJI drone awaited appeared on Engadget.

To say DJI disclosure today on its new drone, and have appeared many leaks about this aircraft, which revealed many of the information.

Mavic Air

Supposed to come with the new plane on behalf of the Mavic Air, and it seems it will be a mix between a plane DJI ultra compact jet Mavic Pro folding aircraft Spark small controlled gestures.

In accordance with the arrangements, the plane will come in four lists of folding such as the Mavic Pro; but the basic structure looks like a Spark. Offers a front camera on the upper part 32 megapixel able to bend in 3 directions, and its 4K recording like a Mavic Pro.

And like most aircraft DJI drone, aircraft Mavic Air will come equipped with a number of sensors to avoid obstacles on the rear part of the upper and lower.


It is also rumored that the plane will come with GPS and optical VPS to achieve the on the inside better, this system uses machine learning, a vision of the situation and the coordinates of the maps to locate something or someone on the inside, which appears as a copy of the GPS system, but the IRS.

There is no information about how to control the plane, it seems that it will enable controlled by gestures or the application on the phone.

The most interesting feature in the plane Mavic Air is flight time, which is reported to be 21 minutes, which is equivalent to the time of the flight plane Mavic Pro; After that the aircraft had Spark heavily criticized because of the journey time of 16 minutes. The registration of this aircraft may come at the price of 699 dollars.


The subject of the latest leaks about a plane DJI drone awaited appeared on Engadget.

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