The latest design of phone iPhone 11 provides a more realistic vision of the camera of the tripartite

Although the Khalifa iPhones XR XS XS Max is still on after about eight months, however, the latest video filming for the next phone “iPhone 11” and demonstrated what is more theories realistic in how to implement the Apple TV unit the camera of the tripartite expected to be included in the new phone, which is set up for the first time this year.

Instead of camera modules Square, which we have previously applied this concept camera module ovals currently available on the design language of the iPhone X.

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As rumored it will embed the loop flash on the camera unit instead of the LED flash on the camera current iPhone.

As was presented, some of the advantages expected to receive phone iPhone 11, including the re-ID the fingerprint Touch ID of the phone within the screen, the display of Product (RED) red from this phone. In addition to the display screen at a speed of 120 GHz like in the iPad Pro.

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