The latest amendments Instagram include your home page

أحدث تعديلات انستجرام تشمل صفحتك الرئيسية

Several modifications experienced by the audio application of months globally, and Instagram, to affect what appears on the home page for each user, so how would that happen?

Amendments Instagram

Announced the social networking site the photo application Instagram, it’s going to make various adjustments concerning icons and buttons as well as ways to navigate between tabs in the famous house in the near future, where take place throughout the month of November and December, shortcuts to some of the characteristics of the modern, perhaps to develop by the end of the current year or by the year 2019.

Explained Instagram via a statement issued to the new changes won’t be directly, as waiting to move user profile image to the right, move the user name up by the most obvious, you won’t get up on the same priorities that they had enjoyed before, hide is available for a number of publications for each user.

Also waiting to be put special buttons in all of the letters and group pictures key, but with the addition of more options for business pages.

The desire of the users

Pointed application of the famous photo Instagram, that he intends to take advantage of the views of users continuously, as explained in the statement: “We are working on the new changes permanently, where it will be subject to tests throughout the coming weeks”, adding: “We are ready to make amendments in the best, of standing to benefit from the feedback of your users”.

I don’t think the new amendments of Instagram as radical changes, as recent updates marked the site of the famous, most notably the new trackpad for daily use “Your Activity”, with three special properties shopped, adding to the property of “nametag” that remind us of the location of Snapchat.

Also from the perspective that says Instagram to tighten control over all the regards to likes and counterfeit, where the organization will E-deleted likes and also comments to any external parties not known, in the use of newer technologies enables the location of the face of the development across its pages, automatically.

In the end, the look changes the latest from the photo application Instagram, not to the changes of the giant, but they probably follow the amendments to the other more daring with the anticipation of feedback by shopper lawyers in the next stage.

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