The last update of Firefox brings better experience for users of the iPad

If you use the browser Firefox on your iPad, it is necessary to know that there’s a new update will have experience of design. Given that the iPad comes with bigger screen of the iPhone, the browsing experience thus vary, for example, you may want to watch a video and browse the internet at the same time.

In order to do that, it is supposed that the browser supports Split-Screen feature, a feature which allows you to open any two apps side by side, making it easy to share links, or jot down notes without having to switch between applications. Surprise to the latest update of Firefox on the iPad already supports the feature to split the screen between the browser and other application like Google Maps or Slack.

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In addition to supporting split-screen, added Mozilla also some improvements, such as the management of tabs is the best, easy access to browser, in addition to the keyboard shortcuts.

After the update, you will notice that Firefox displays your tabs in New easy to see. Moreover, this modern version status browser in the bottom left corner of the browser window so that you can access it by one click only, this is to facilitate access to special pages on your iOS device.

If you use an external keyboard with the iPad, there is a new feature, as you’ll be able to press and hold the command key on your tablet to view the keyboard shortcuts. The Mozilla add some shortcuts just as they are on the system of Mac.

There is also a new feature was introduced, a feature which allows you to send tabs between devices without the need to leave the browser, but you will need to the Firefox Account to do it.

Last but not least, are now applying the most asked feature in Firefox, but on a limited scale only. Given that the iOS system does not allow for Mozilla to enable users to set Firefox as your default browser, it was found the developers a way to allow them to set it as your default browser when you open the email links from Microsoft Outlook.


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