The largest 5 companies acquired by Facebook

Company acquired Facebook on a large number of companies, and only focus on the acquisition of large companies can rival for that competition, as happened with Instagram, but also with the acquisition of small projects is not a known name.

Police said the owner of the largest social networking sites in the world purchased more than 60 companies, most of them by their in the United States, was the biggest of them in terms of the price deal is a deal. Whatsapp famous 2014 paid by Facebook $ 19 billion to get the application talks to the famous.

1. Whatsapp

أكبر 5 شركات استحوذت عليها فيسبوك

Transaction price: 19 million USD

Date of transaction: 19 February 2014

Wanted facebook the annexation application WhatsApp to her, it seems she wanted it at any price. In this page that think of months the pages in the tech world, the company received the application talks to the Owner at million users compared to this huge building. Maybe he didn’t want the founder of the app to sell it, but how it was to resist that amount which will achieve no more than his aspirations?

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