The Japanese could! Headphone review Audio-Technica ATH-CKR100iS

It is interesting to follow the success of Audio-Technica not only because the Japanese "know how to sound". Over the past few years, they have presented to the Hi-End market not one or two interesting models of headphones – take the same MSR7, SR9 or Art Monitor series. This manufacturer also excelled among the plug-in headphones: for a long time the ATH-CKR10 model won ears of high-quality audio lovers, and last autumn Audio-Technica ripened to release the updated model ATH-CKR100iS , which we have today on review.

This new model of dynamic plug-in headphones from Audio-Technica, which is equipped with two-phase push-pull push-pull. The point is that the speakers in this case do not just "stand" one on top of the other, but are located opposite and are connected in antiphase – this allows them to constantly monitor the emitted material. Simply put, one speaker "helps" the other, and they partially compensate each other.

To be honest, the manufacturer intrigued the description of the technologies used, but more on this later – first briefly go over the characteristics and see how these headphones look.


  • Emitter: 2 x 13 mm, dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB
  • Impedance: 80Ω
  • Frequency range: 5 Hz – 45 kHz
  • Cable: interchangeable, with A2DC connectors and remote control, 1.2 m
  • Microphone Type: Condenser / li>
  • Weight: 14g

Contents of delivery

Despite the obvious premium direction of the headphones, complete with the ATH-CKR100iS you will not find something amazing, but at the same time everything you need is put. These are silicone ear cups of sizes XS, S, M and L (yes, "foam" is not put), as well as a hard leather case for storing and transporting headphones. All this is neatly packed in a stylish box made of thick cardboard. The proud sticker of Hi-Res Audio indicates that we are really wearing headphones that can deliver a first-class sound.


The appearance of the novelty is very different from the previous model. Here we are greeted by a more classic design, due to which the headphones look more solid – you can put them on a morning run, and with a business suit. Black color perfectly matches with gold inserts, and the Audio-Technica logo is neatly placed on the side.

The size of the headphones is quite large – still more than 13 mm drivers give their own, in this reinforcing headphones win, because they allow you to place the entire "stuffing" in a more compact package. But the use of titanium with high rigidity as the material of the housing allowed to eliminate the undesirable resonance.

In the ears, the headphones sit much more comfortable than their predecessors, and this not only allows them to be comfortably worn for a long time, but also positively affects the sound insulation. Coupled with the design of the cases, which positions the drivers for optimal performance, it turns out very cool. By the way, to improve sound insulation and planting it is very important to individually "adjust" the headphones with the help of complete ear cups, we have found the optimum size for M.

The cable should be singed with separate dithyrambs, as it is not just a removable one (which is important for those who like to indulge in custom wires), but also equipped with newly developed A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors. There is no microphone effect at all, the wire does not harden in the frost and does not get entangled in the undisturbed tangles. It consists of two separate cables with four stars (one for the left channel, the other on the right). Yes, if the wire is wrapped around the wire from the MMCX, it will not work, but the technologies are moving forward, so this is inevitable.

Another feature of the cable – the presence of a remote with a microphone and a button for answer / end the call, as well as control the playback of music. Convenient, if you use headphones paired with a smartphone, but they will maximize their potential with a portable audio player.

Technology and Sound

The extended frequency response (45 kHz is powerful) is achieved by push-pull drivers, as they reduce intermodulation distortion. Aluminum stabilizer provides linear movement of the diaphragm – this allows you to play high-resolution sound. In general, Audio-Technica has fully worked on the technological equipment of ATH-CKR100iS, which is also caused not by the lowest price of headphones (more on this later).

We did not stand on ceremony and immediately connected the headphones not to the smartphone, but to the portable player Astell & Kern AK70 MKII. It is with a device of this level (and above) that listening to the ATH-CKR100iS is a real pleasure. For example, collected several songs.

Before listening to the headphones were warmed for 48 hours.

Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water. This track very well allows you to assess the ability of headphones to a rigid guitar drive, technical solo and piercing vocals. The voice sounds very rich, while the guitar is slightly lost on its background. The electronic organ elegantly complements the composition, without loading unnecessary shades.

The Weeknd – Can not Feel My Face. Again we come across a very steep vocals, but we included this track first to check how the headphones behave at low frequencies. Baz sounds very deep and does not "buzz", while it's a lot, sometimes too much. For pop music and hip-hop it's the same, even "high" vocals are not lost, as often happens.

Rebecca Ferguson – Fine And Mellow. Elegant blues performed by a famous British singer makes the goosebumps literally run around the skin, you can disassemble each instrument separately – from the keyboard to the saxophone. And this time you can not help noticing the strong vocals.

In general, genre headphones are universal. Unless classical music sounds a bit dramatic, but it also disappears after warming up. The sound is natural, there is a slight emphasis on low frequencies without compromising the average and crystal clear top.


Admittedly, Audio-Technica has an excellent successor in the form of headphones ATH-CKR100iS. They can be safely called the top-end plug-in headphones of the company, as they are capable of such that it is difficult to imagine with many other devices (the main thing is to choose a good source). Therefore, the price of their "flagship" – about 25 thousand rubles.

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