The iOS update 13 – What’s new in the keyboard?!

The keyboard is one of the important aspects in the system have been added to Apple TV a number of enhancements and good in the iOS update 13 new May makes you think we have to depending entirely cover you from the need to download an additional keyboard from the App Store. Here in this article is a highlight submitted by Apple in the keyboard.

Feature writing sliding QuickPath

Writing sliding Swipe Typing is by typing through the keyboard via swipe your finger on the screen between the letters of the word that you want to write quickly and without the need to remove your finger from the screen and clicking on each character to talk, you will say the painting predicts the word that you want to write it to save time and effort.

The iOS update 13. feature the Quick Path to writing through the swipe of a finger!

The method of writing known to many users of Android devices familiar because they exist in the system a long time ago. Honestly, this feature first appeared of the presence in the keyboard system Windows Phone 8.1 before strewn on a large scale. Has Apple decided to add in keyboard iOS 13 on behalf of the QuickPath.

Currently feature writing sliding Quick Path compatible with Latin languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese. In addition to Chinese language I will be adding more languages later.

Automatic detection of the language for spelling

When you press the microphone button in the keyboard, to run the dictation and download what you say by uttering it to written text, will the keyboard automatically recognizes which language you speak, regardless of the writing language you’ve already selected the color.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that are added by Apple to work within the Files app Safari browser. These shortcuts stone of greater benefit, when you connect an external keyboard to the iPad. On the iPhone, such as will be of limited use because the color does not appear only for text input.

تحديث iOS 13 - اختصارات لوحة المفاتيحThe iOS update 13 – keyboard shortcuts

Button standalone emoji keyboard

Button faces emoji “anime” is no longer the same button to switch the language, it separated the bat exists independently between the button and the distance numbers, this is much better than the iOS update 12, which was requires a long press on button to switch the language to get to anymore.

تحديث iOS 13 - زر مستقل للوجوه التعبيرية في لوحة المفاتيحThe iOS update 13 – button standalone emoji keyboard

Keyboard floating in the iPad

The new update on iPad feature to minimize the keyboard with your fingers and make it floating on the screen which you have the freedom to achieve them wherever you want. This feature is especially good if you are working on an application that has a large area of the screen.

لوحة المفاتيح العائمة في الآيبادKeyboard floating in the iPad

Stop the following words (Arabic support)

Feature stop the next words when typing on the keyboard now supports many new languages including Arabic, this is a good thing to save time when writing, and is the property of relating to you and the way you write. are improving their performance over time.

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