The iOS update 13 – What’s new in the application of Health Health is?

Apply your health and the Health of core application functions in the iOS update 13 , which I got on the improvements and additions to the task didn’t look forward to talk about earlier. Today you will highlight the new features to this app in iOS 13.تحديث iOS 13 - ما الجديد في تطبيق صحتي Health ؟

The usefulness of the application of of your health Health

For those who don’t know, it’s a default application and essential within the iOS system that automatically keeps track of your physical activity such as the number of your steps and distance travelled, walking, running, as well as calculate calories burned depending on the activity.

If you have an Apple Watch or other accessory Sports will app in conjunction with it and bring data from it to view inside, just like heart rate. The app also performs in conjunction with a lot of health apps and Fitness other.

New interface to develop your health Health

Applying your health Health in iOS 13 got the new interface is different from the previous version in iOS 12. We have now in the main interface to the tab title:

  1. The first tab Summary which presents a summary of the physical activity you
  2. The second tab is the Browse to browse to each classification or the Department of health data on modern.

واجهة جديدة لتطبيق صحتي Health

The section “highlights of the Highlights”

This section is present in within the tab summary Summary the app analyzes your data and offers you charts and graphs of the results derived from them will help you more fully develop your physical activity to reach the desired results.

قسم "النقاط البارزة Highlights" في تطبيق صحتي health

Tracking menstrual cycle

This of the new additions to the functions within the application of your health Health in iOS 13 lets the girls and keep track of the menstrual cycle and all associated with it to ensure her privacy than other apps on Store App Store.

تتبع الدورة الشهرية في تطبيق صحتي Health

This part in the application provides the following options:

  1. Tracking the menstrual cycle: registration of the quantity of life, and the accompanying symptoms such as abdominal cramps, headache, etc.
  2. Feature life expectancy: with use can predict when the next menstrual period, duration and also shall send notice of that.
  3. Knowledge of the fertile period: the application displays a period fertility where ovulation is of importance to those who wish to pregnancy, childbearing or birth control. The app also sends a notification to its entry into the ovulation period.
  4. The history of the state: the app displays the periods preceding and accompanying symptoms with the explanations of the charts for a life change.

Use the above options will help many girls and women suffer from the menstrual disorders which may be normal sometimes, or concomitant diseases such as PCOS or hormonal disorders or tumors of the genital tract. This information is recorded in the app you will designate your physician when you make them visualize the situation better and make the decision appropriate medical when the medical consultation and clinical examination.

Discover noise

Applying your health Health will keeps track of noise around you through the Apple Watch or the heavens. The app will alert you in case of presence of noise affect the safety of the fish you have. As well as alert you if you listen to the music via headphones exceeded the limit.

Personal page New

In the app you can access your profile within the app by clicking on the thumbnail you top of the interface, and then enter or modify your data (name, weight, length,…) previously there was a tab dedicated to it.

صفحة شخصية جديدة في تطبيق صحتي Health

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