The iOS update 13 brings the theme of the dark in a wider range and feature Multi Window users iPad

Use the Apple company launch the iOS update 13 in the month of June during the conference developers, today revealed new details about the features of the next version of the iOS platform.

iOS 13

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Offer Apple company a set of new features in the iOS update 13 released during the month of June, where you sit al the dark in a large scale to users of phones, the iPhone and iPad, also allows the application of al the dark through the system settings, also comes the new style with the highest level of contrast similar to what made Apple in the macOS.

Also scheduled to come apps iPad on Mac with the same feature support the default skin dark, also offer Apple some clear changes in iOS 13 for iPad especially, where supports update Windows multiple applications, for the windows to be connected in the screen except that each window supports drag and you individually.

It also requires running the Safari browser on the iPad, install the version for desktop, to support the view corresponds to the screen of your iPad in different locations.

Also include the new changes in the iOS update 13 for iPad the possibility to undo gestures, to submit to the Apple display how to use this feature on the keyboard when you install the new update on iOS devices, it also offers Apple customize feature of the plan also in the next update through the Settings panel.

Comes the Mail app with a new implementation of messages to more than one category, such as marketing messages, and or messages are not important, with the support of the possibility of sea in all the categories, choose other lets read the messages later.

Also among the new features provided by Apple in iOS 13 with gestures in a new way to support the user to select multiple items and display them in tables, and you can also drag items multi-finger, also offering Apple improvements in the design of the application Reminders with the improvements in voice operations, HUD, and improvements also in the assistant Siri to avoid the mistakes of voice commands with the noise.

Recall that the leaks also refer to the further nurses expected in the iOS update 13, so we expect more details during the conference of Apple developers in June.


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