The iOS update 12.1.2 update is the worst iPhone in the year 2018 !

2018 was full to updates your iOS devices Apple TV portable all aimed at improving the usage experience and raise the level of performance, however the iOS update 12.1.2 was the worst of these updates because of the many problems that befell the many phones the iPhone because of it!

تحديث iOS 12.1.2 هو التحديث الأسوأ للآيفون في عام 2018 !Complaints of inability to connect to the internet are increasing since the launch of the update!

The beginning was with give internet phones iPhone, through the phone’s data in different regions in the world, and to ridicule the iOS update 12.1.2 the same was directed to solve that problem is basically not tolerated.

Problem with WiFi also!

The location of Fores prepared the report and finally based on the complaints of some users to give contact Alia also after the update to iOS 12.1.2 which is very strange, since a smart phone can’t connect to the internet via WiFi or cellular networks is “a waste of time and money” to quote one of the users angry.

مشكلة في الوايفاي أيضاً بعد التحديث إلى iOS 12.1.2Problem in WiFi also after the update to iOS 12.1.2

Update iOS 12.1.3 coming in the near future!

Work Apple TV is currently updating the iOS 12.1.3 in its beta version it is expected that this update resolves the connection problems to the internet either via mobile data or WiFi caused by the recent updates, and will release this update soon maybe this week or next week at the latest.

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