The iOS update 12.1.2 lead to interruption in touch phones, the iPhone networks mobile

The company launched the Apple recently updated iOS 12.1.2 to address the problems spotted in the previous versions of this update, but it unexpectedly came this update also the participation of the outage call users phones iPhone providers of data in a lot of areas.

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Came iOS update 12.1.1 a few weeks ago, a lot of the problems that have been spotted from users of phones iPhone, which was among its outage data signal communication network to the mobile, and then launched the company Apple recently updated iOS 12.1.2 to address this problem.

And a new report appeared Forbes last to cast light on the exacerbation of this problem in a lot of versions of the iPhone, but also in different regions around the world, too, where the availability of user complaints in tweets on Twitter, as confirmed users of the phones to try to recover the data signal most of the way through the settings of the iPhone, or via re-enter the SIM again.

As the problem has appeared I have one of the users of iPhone 7 in Poland, where monitoring of the disappearance of the network signal and the appearance of the words “No Service”, where to find call mobile network completely, also appeared more user complaints about the same problem in different areas around the world.

Has been confirmed report by Forbes that the problem appear in different areas and not limited only to the versions of the Apple phones iPhone for 2018, so you may experience this problem with your phone if you install the update already, as it would be on the users of phones iPhone in anticipation of the processing of Apple to this problem in the iOS update 12.1.3 template.


I know of

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