The iOS update 12.1.12 cause the cut the cell phone for some users

iPhone XS Max

Was Apple has recently released an update for iOS 12.1.2 which was supposed to address some of the problems relating to the telecommunications Cellular that affect the iPhone in Turkey. Although the update may have fixed this problem for some, it seems that it caused the emergence of the same problem have other users who didn’t face this problem before.

According to a new report released recently by Forbes magazine, it seems that many iPhone users go to the internet to indicate that after installing the iOS update 12.1.12, they suffer from the problem of communication breakdown cellular from time to time. For some users, can’t fix this thing where some claim that resetting the phone to factory condition does not lead to repair the problem.

Some claim that they can’t even make calls, which is ridiculous, which means they are unable to contact your support team for Apple to schedule an appointment with an Apple Genius. I didn’t use Apple till now officially of these complaints, but it seems that Apple has started to actually work on the updated iOS 12.1.13, although unfortunately there is no information about the date of launch and if the update will cure these problems or not.

Anyway, if you have not installed the iOS update 12.1.12 even now, you may want to keep at it until you fix these problems. If you have installed the update already, you may need to observe your phone closely to make sure that the above problems do not occur with you also.


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