The iOS update 11.4 cause exsanguination rapid battery iPhone, according to the users


The company Apple released an update iOS 11.4 late last month. To ensure this update features many new changes, but it seems that it also brought with it a very irritating problem. In fact, a large number of the people who did update their devices to iOS 11.4 of the problem of exsanguination rapid battery.

There are many threads that discuss this problem in the official support forum of Apple, there are a large number of users who have confirmed their suffering from this problem with iPhones of their own. For example, he stated one of the users suffering from the same problem by saying :

I have the same problem with the iPhone 6S Plus. It was fine before the update. The health of my battery was 90% but I saw the low battery level from 50% to 20% in a matter of minutes without use. I’ve looked in all the settings and I can’t see anything you have to turn it off before with this new update in terms of providing the battery. Whatever the reason for it, they should fix it as soon as possible.

It seems that the problem is independent of use of a particular model of iPhone. As for alternative solutions, has led to turn off WiFi to work in some cases, while the LED connected to WiFi at a speed of 2.4 Ghz instead of 5GHz to solve the problem of others.

However, he said many other users that those tricks didn’t work for them, prompting many of them to return to iOS 11.3.1 make the battery life seems normal again. For its part, did not provide Apple until now no official statement about this issue, but we expect to solve the problem in the next update for iOS.



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