The investment firm expects to see Apple the same fate as Nokia

Apple Company

Confirmed by the CEO of Apple recently healthy previous reports when it was explained that the company has experienced a slowdown unprecedented in the sales of the iPhone, especially in China. This also led to a reduction to their financial, This also led to a decrease in the stock prices of Apple, causing the loss of the company for a large part of their market value.

Safe to say that this isn’t what you hoped for investors, and now, according to the analyst Rod Hall from the investment firm Goldman Sachs, it appears that the latter think that the Apple is currently you will find her facing the same fate of Nokia. According to the analyst Rod Hall, he says that Apple relies heavily on the translation continued by its customers to its newer, just as she was doing a Nokia in the past.

Unfortunately, clients no longer Apple TV upgraders to phones Apple TV the latest, during every year or two because the iPhone become more expensive after each year, making them beyond the reach of an increasing number of customers. However, it was explained analyst Rod Hall that this is not going to pay Apple to fall in a spiral of anxiety, it was stated that except for China, we see strong evidence to reduce the number of customers of the company in the year 2019.

With regard to this subject, said analyst Rod Hall said : ” with the exception of China, we do not see strong evidence of a slowdown in the number of consumers in the year 2019, but we report only investors we believe that the rates of upgrade to the Apple products later are likely to be more sensitive to the economic situation now. “

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