The Institute of American works on developing new technology to track tumors within the human body on the technical approach to the GPS

معهد أمريكي يعمل على تطوير تقنية جديدة لتعقب الأورام داخل جسم الإنسان على نهج تقنية تحديد المواقع GPS

The technique of determining the location via GPS satellites contributed effectively large to facilitate the movement of people and delivery at their destination the easiest way with saving in time and effort and without the need for prior Office, the same women working group MIT computer and artificial intelligence led by Professor American of Syrian origin have my speech on the development of similar technology; to contribute to diagnosis and identify the exact locations of malignant tumors in the human body and treatment without the need for surgical exploration or operations in the medical sense.

The panel on the development of stealth with my ReMix or what might be called GPS of the human body which can be done through the cultivation of body delicate in the body in turn reversing the wireless signals is received from abroad and follow-up; which in turn will by gluing the paper, such as improving the treatment process in the future by targeting directly the area of the diseased without the other quality of the drug product.

Has team. Test ReMix via to attach a small chip in the container filled with the tissue of the animal where the chip unlike radio signals scrambled Wireless the from the outside which means, of course, not to need the chip power source where the use of those areas in determining the location and size of the tumor accurately.

The team said the work that the signals rebounding from the human body is considered the most powerful 100 million times of those that are trying to get it to detect the tumor during the process of exchanging wireless signals with the chip or the body of the user for this purpose in the inside; to stay active role for the ReMix which can discriminate between the signal feedback by the human body and those reflected from the chip.

In a broad speech that the technique is not in the scope of the actual application in soon so they need more test to make sure its accuracy. Use for the final Test error rate in the received signal to determine the size and still not rise to the required which allows in case access to them developing the technology to other regions in the future, such as radiation therapy of tumors with extreme precision.

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