The Indian space Agency is developing a lunar “needle” for future colonists

Indian space research organization began to study inexpensive, but practical ways of living built the lunar module. Previously, the team of scientists participating in the project had developed interplanetary space module that went to Mars and successfully entered its orbit. The development team spent almost ten times less than NASA in the implementation of similar project. Team true to its principles, so the researchers are economy and practicality.

That experiment with structures that are potentially suitable for habitation on the moon, already underway, said at a recent press conference, the Dzhitendry Singh, first Deputy Prime Minister of India.

As the most promising version of lunar living modules are considered oslobodenie a small shelter made of composite materials. Their installation and commissioning must occur quickly, and the shelter should be affordable, practical and safe for the future inhabitants, according to NDTV, citing scientists who are working on the project, and the Indian space Agency.

Singh said that in the long term, the Ministry considers the moon as an Outpost, and therefore considers it necessary to conduct some experiments now. According to the Deputy, the main obstacle scientists were and are the vacuum and the temperature at the surface of the moon.

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