the iMac gets a boost with a performance twice as good as the

Announced Apple today announced the updated models of the iMac processors Intel of the ninth generation with up to 8 nuclei for the first time, in addition to powerful options for the graphics Vega, which means large increases in computing performance as well as graphic designers. Will consumers and staff alike that the devices iMac is faster in daily tasks down to the work space requirements of the heavy. This comes improvement in performance combined with the screen Retinaخلابة, streamlined design of the one piece, and silent operation, storage, memory, fast, and modern, and the operating system macOS Mojave, which all combine to make the iMac the best desktop in the world.

Said Tom Boggs, Senior Director Department of marketing the products of Mac at Apple: “will give customers significant improvements in the performance of the iMac. With processors with up to eight nuclei and powerful options for graphics and Vega, have become meets the Mac is stronger than ever. The iMac is the best desktop in the World, features a Retina stunning, wonderful design, poor power performance, operating system, macOS Mojave.”


Intel processors of the ninth generation with up to 8 nuclei

All come models with improved performance and will keep customers much faster performance in a wide range of computing tasks, from modifying audio and practice games, Heavy and composing music and even invent the entire movie.

  • Now featuring iMac for 21.5 – inch processors of the second generation quad-core, and for the first time also hexagonal core, offering the performance faster by up to 60 percent.1
  • Now featuring iMac 27 inch for the first time processors of the ninth generation hexa-core and eight cores, provide faster performance with up to 2.4 times.1

Processors graphics Radeon Pro Vega up to the iMac for the first time

Up processors, Radeon Pro Vega to your iMac for 21.5 inch, offering faster performance in graphics graphic designers up to 80 percent. Comes your iMac 27-inch processor graphics Radeon Pro Vegaتقدم faster performance in graphics graphic by up to 50 percent, they are ideal for professionals who spend the burden of graphics heavy, such as the development of three-dimensional content, or modify the video effects are complex, or the design of the games elite.2


Screens Retina clearly 4K and 5K the best in her field.

Offer the Retina display on your iMac immersive experience for sitting in front of her thanks to 14.7 million pixels, and the color, the brightness degree 500 cd/square meter. Meets all the pixels that make text looks like the printed, images more detailed, and is granted the ability to edit 4K video at full clarity.

Design without an instance of the one piece adds elegance wherever placed

Allows iMac comfortable experience free from the hustle on the desktop helps users focus on what they do, where comes the stylish design of the aluminum frame glass with a thickness of only 5 mm, in addition to the matters in the same color. It offers all what they need in a simple design, that is why the customer likes your iMac, because it contrasts seamlessly with the environments of many different,

Such as a home or businesses of all sizes or even the studios needs.

macOS Mojave

Come all Mac computers running macOS Mojave, which is the latest version of the operating system desktop the most sophisticated in the world with new features inspired by professionals and designed for everyone. In the system of macOS Mojave, turning dark pattern desktop new look is attractive highlights on the content of the user. They also help the advantage of the stack on the cleaned surfaces of the component not ranked through the collection files in the collections automatically, supports FaceTimeالمكالمات customs. Are available in the macOS Mojave familiar applications in the iOS system, such as News, stocks and notes photos and working on Mac computers, includes Store, Mac App Store, which was redesigned to include content writing great apps from leading developers, including Microsoft and Adobe.

Prices and

Is available iMac the new 21.5-inch Retina 4K starting price of 5,459 (AED), while the iMac’s new 27-inch Retina 5K display with a starting price of 7,599 (AED). It will also screen iMac without Retina compared to the 21.5-inch is priced at 4,619 (AED). Expected demand starting today through it is through the application of the Apple Store, and the start of the week

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