The iCloud service of the Apple TV suddenly stopped for several hours

آي كلاود - iCloud

It seems that the stop rings large companies will become commonplace in this period, the after-stop service Google Drive last week, and then Services Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp into because of the settings for the servers and for the whole day, appeared a similar problem on the other side with Apple, which announced a turn from the expected iCloud service “iCloud” is almost complete but for less.

Turned the company from being users have suffered from the Stop-Service Cloud iCloud, including the timing of data storage, calendar, pictures, email, notes, reminders, iWork, the Keychain, the application Find My iPhone, next to the other applications that work in conjunction with the cloud service.

Did the police give any details about the cause of autism, but they worked quick to resolve the problem after 5 hours.

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