The “HyperCharger” … the power bank with wireless charging

I got a power bank with the “departure” of the HyperCharger, the idea of the X X Pro Pro, the award of the best innovation through the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, which is a power bank Power Bank innovative was made by LinearFlux HyperCharging.

It is considered a power bank with the “departure” is the thinnest in its class, the most capacity in a property wireless charging, available in version X of X, and the size of the power b You The size of the smart phone type iPhone X, as it is light weight.

For B your “departure” the cable for built-in, type Apple Lightning and USB Type-C with connector microUSB, along with 3 USB ports you can use them in charging 3 devices at once, as it can be for you to be plugged in while charging the devices, so charge devices and fallow the B Your with.

The amplitude of power “Hyper” of $ 8,000 mAh battery, which provides the source of the 7.5 watt for wireless charging for phones that support this feature, and the pieces of adhesive double face NanoStik can paste power you Phone with him to them safely.

Successfully campaign funding power of “departure” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled or arrives home to his supporters by next July, priced at $ 39 for the unit (£700 approx).

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