The history of the vehicle hands you with a service summary

تاريخ المركبة بين يديك مع خدمة موجز

The recent launch of the service summary which aims to provide sufficient detail on the vehicles used in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the date of its entry until the moment.

The service aims to help those interested in buying a used car knowing the details of the vehicle to help them make a purchase decision, to submit a comprehensive report with information from reliable sources, varied about the car.

A summary report learn important information about a used car to buy, which provides data and specifications basic control, information about the number of previous owners, the basic color of the car, in addition to the history of recorded incidents that happened previously, as is the case with the insurance records, other than information formally documented and necessary for the buyer or the seller

It provides a summary for those looking to purchase a used car the possibility to get a report about the car maintenance of Toyota or Lexus or Daihatsu, in case it was not the drafting of the agency.

The service also provides feature calculator prices, which in turn allows knowledge of the index prices for the used car constantly through updated continuously, to allow for those interested to know the constant changes in the used car market and keeping up-to-date when a sale or purchase.

To make things easier on those wishing to purchase, the summary of the development of the feature search for used cars by entering specific criteria such as Price, year production of the car, and then will show them a list of suggestions for cars that can be purchased based on the inputs.

The idea was from the launch of the service summary comes from the desire to help raise the level of transparency and trust in the used car market between the seller and the buyer, in addition to enabling the willing acquisition of used cars from to obtain sufficient information to complete their transactions, which positively affects on the activity of the user market. It also raises the level of the fair valuation of the car based on market activity, the next to save time and effort on the buyers or on the drive.

You can take advantage of the service via web application to the official website here, or through the application of the Apple TV iOS Of Here, as well as the application of Android devices from here.

Also you can follow the service through social networking sites by @Mojaz_sa.

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