The highlights of the 7 features in the MacBook Air 2018

Apple’s recently announced MacBook Air whole new 2018 with significant updates to its interior design and exterior, as this is the first comprehensive update of the real for the laptop lightweight since 2010, will offer you today the highlights of its advantages.

1) the first MacBook Air with Retina display

1. It’s the first MacBook Air with a Retina display.

Screen Retina to change the experience of the computer fully where the texts become more acute and clearly with purity of incomparable degrees of the exact colors.

2) protects the Touch ID for added security when confirming identity

2. It has Touch ID, so you can unlock your Mac, or even make purchases, with just your fingerprint.

There is no need for passwords in the MacBook Air New thanks to reader fingerprint Touch ID, which allows you to open the device and access to any encrypted information and purchase online without the need to write any password, and in case you have an account with the Apple Pay payment, you’ll enter the shipping address and purchase the right without the participation of any of your credit card data, it is very practical.

3) significant improvements to the keyboard and waved to the touch

3. Apple made some big improvements to your input controls.

Has been re-designed keyboard MacBook Air to become more stable behind and responsive, and the touchpad has become bigger by 20% for more control in the content that is displayed on the screen.

4) less thickness and weight.

4. It’s slightly thinner and lighter than the last MacBook Air.

Weighs MacBook Air the new 1.24 kg only, while the previous generation had a weight of 1.34 kg, as it became the thinnest 10%.

5) hardware internal Updater

5. It has updated internals, including eighth-generation Intel processors, and slightly improved battery life — about an extra hour or so.

Comes MacBook Air with new Intel processors from the second generation, improved battery life by up to an additional hour, and you can also get up to 16 gigabytes of RAM.

6) USB-C New

6. The new MacBook Air features USB-C, the next-generation standard for charging and data transfer.

Started USB-C to the recent spread everywhere, comes MacBook Air New with the two of them, what you can use it to charge the device or a link with such external screens or tablets storage, add the ability to charge phones, iPhone, computers, iPad tablet.

7) headphones and microphone best

7. The new MacBook Air sounds way better than before, and can hear you better, too.

Comes MacBook Air with stereo headphones deep voice higher by 25% than the previous, in addition to having 3 microphones help to clarify the picture and to deal with the personal assistance Siri.

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