The high number of users of Snapchat in the last quarter the company reduced its losses

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Announced Snape, the author of the social networking application Snapchat about the financial results for the first quarter of the year 2019, the financial numbers were characteristic of the company is higher than the average although they have made losses total, but these losses were lower than expected as well as previous periods that were recovered by the police from large losses.

According to the results, the company incurred a loss of approximately$ 0.10 per share of its shares that is less than 0.12$ that was available previously, came after the achievement of the company’s revenues reached$ 320 million compared to 307 million was available.

But the fun thing for Snapchat in this quarter was an increase in the number of daily active users, since Snapchat application can maintain a 190 million daily active users, compared with 187 million was available as well as the last quarter when the total number of 186 users.

After these results that enable the company to reduce the loss margin and significant growth in the number of users, the company shares rose nearly 100% compared with the same period last year.

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