The high number of Internet attacks “DDoS DDoS” by 16% from last year

ارتفاع عدد هجمات الانترنت "دوس DDoS" بنسبة 16% عن العام الماضي

Ask the company are competent in the solutions and services online periodic report on the state of Internet attacks and organized by online hackers throughout the world, the report revealed a rise of 16% in DDoS attacks DDoS and butane region.

According to the report, the attacks have increased since the beginning of the current year, where the rate of increase of DDoS attacks to 16% compared with last year.

As the record of the largest DDoS attack DDoS in general a new number by the speed of 1.35 Terra bits per second, and that was in attack autogenic stored temporarily in memory, researchers have identified increased by 4% in the attacks-based attack reflection.

The other attacks based on the software and the loss ratio increased to 38% compared to last year, a significant increase, relatively speaking of methods of protection that are developed daily.

But according to the report, despite the development of protection networks and systems different, but to hackers, they always find the way to such protection in new ways to reach their goals.

Reported are being analyzed 112 million request for the bot, 3.9 million request to record the entry of harmful on many websites, said that about 40% of these movements were based on the tourism sites and booking and flying, Russia, China, Indonesia, the main centers of activity.

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