The head of “United Russia” urged to limit mining for fire safety

In mid-January in Vladivostok happened fire. In the apartment buildings on Svetlanskaya street is short-circuited electrical panels, which provoked ignition. The locals see the trail of the miners of cryptocurrency. The scenario concerned the head of “United Russia” which urged to limit mining in the country.

Mining in Russia under threat

Sergei Neverov, gave his press service, reports RIA. The official considers it necessary to restrict the mining of cryptocurrencies in conditions where it poses a danger to people.

We already have a very serious cases, when the accident occurred. Priority steps to be taken by the Duma to restrict such unprofessional people who act to the detriment of others.

The head of the faction including talking about the incident in Artem. According to investigators, the wine in four burned-out apartments, too, lies on the miners.

Mining leads to an increase in electricity consumption, so when mining cryptocurrency is produced in conditions that are not designed for this load, do not have the necessary level of fire safety, this poses a threat to life.

How to detect miners and restrict their activities — Neverov said. Also, the official reason has not proposed a ban on the heaters, which are well loaded network. Words are more similar to PR on a hot topic than a practical statement.

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