The head of Twitter emphasizes the Prevention of political ads on the platform in all over the world

Revealed Jack Dorsey, the founder and director of the executive tweets on his personal account on the platform about the decision to ban all political ads.

رئيس تويتر يؤكد منع الإعلانات السياسية على المنصة في جميع أنحاء العالمJack Dorsey

Tweet Manager Twitter CEO and founder of the house, Jack Dorsey, before a little on his personal account about his company’s decision to ban various forms of advertising with regard to the political, this decision will apply to all countries of the world, not the United States just as are the General Assembly, due to the conviction of the company that the letter of the policy must be obtained by politicians, without having to promote it.

But it seems that the decision to invest some very few cases, such as the declaration about registration for the elections and the advent officially.

Published jack on his personal account the regulator’s decision by saying: “We made a decision to turn off the political ads on Twitter all over the world.”

He added in his tweet commenting on the resolution: “we believe that the political message must reach benefits and not by buying them with ads.”

It was Jack Dorsey, in tweets later, saying that the political message can be up benefits everyone in case people decided to follow someone or retweet some tweets, but when you use ads to promote a political message and force users to see it because of the targeted manner directly is supposed to stop, because the decision to deliver the letter policy must not be connected with water.

With this decision, the Twitter way different from the major social networks especially Facebook, which faced objections even from the staff of the company itself due to allow the publication of political ads, which is what he says about the staff of Facebook that concerns the foundations of the company.

But in general, the decision to stop the entire political ads of all the world, is Twitter about the problems in the case to allow for some its not.



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